Help and information regards obtaining a Cycling Ireland Cycling Ireland license and BMX Ireland Race Number Application



In order to use Lisburn BMX track you must obtain a Cycling Ireland license , as this is your main insurance for the track, you must also be a member of Lisburn BMX Club or hold an applicable pass.

Also in order to race in a BMX Event or ride a BMX track in Ireland you need will need this License  issued through  Cycling Ireland  or an equivalent National Body’s License (once they are affiliated to the UCI ). The main reason for this License is Insurance.

Follow this link

  • To enter your ( not the childs) Personal Details


You will see the above screen,  on the bottom left ,select add new and then new member, here you add your childs details.

  • Select ”Member license”  and competitive
  • Select the ”Club Finder” option and then search

please ensure you select the club as ”Lisburn BMX Club” so you are affiliated to us


Fill out the on screen rider info, please remember to select the correct age group for the license, currently (2020)

  • a rider born in 2012 would be U8
  • a rider born in 2011 would be U10


You will be covered for personal injury, and third party damage/liability. This cover extends to training and events, details on Cycling Ireland insurance can be found HERE.


Details on the different types of Cycling Ireland Licenses available can be found HERE.



For Race Number application this is done directly through BMX Ireland 

The relevant page is here