Are you or your child  interested in BMX Racing?

Lisburn BMX Club are delighted to announce 3 weeks of FREE coached BMX sessions.

These sessions are aimed at getting new kids (and adults) into the grassroots of cycling, primarily at novice riders; it starts with flat ground BMX basics and completes 3 weeks later on the racetrack in a “mock” race environment.

Everyone is welcome, girls, boys, men & women, all ages, and all skill levels… even balance bikes!

We will coach “BMX FUN”damentals. you/ your kids will learn flat ground skills, track skills, and have fun in doing it.

over the weeks Riders will learn a variety of skills including,

  • Concept of Wheelie
  • Concept of Bunny Hop
  • Standing up riding position
  • Gate Basics & Balance
  • Pumping
  • Turning on berms
  • Full laps
  • Mock races


At the end of the 3 weeks, we are confident that all participants will be ready to take part in a novice race environment. This will be beneficial to all levels, and will be great fun. Come and give it a go………….

Ideally, you will have your own bike (or balance bike), full-length clothing, gloves & Helmet. (BMX Bikes are preferable, but Mountain bikes can be used)

We can arrange some spare bikes, full face helmets, gloves etc.


Drag the kids off their games consoles; get involved in something new, cool and exciting. They will not be disappointed, and they will get a great work out!


The coaching is FREE… all we ask is that you have (and show) a Cycling Ireland (CI) License or you take one at the first session.

we have provided a help section for this HERE

We will assist you in joining CI on session 1, and advise you accordingly. (There will be no fee for riding on the track during the sessions- normally £5)

The costs for a CI license is: U8 & U10 licences are £9 – U12 & U14 categories the cost is £18



Saturday14th of marchSession 1 – Flat ground Skills
10:00 AM – 12:00Pm Lisburn BMX Track

 Saturday 21th of marchSession 2 –Track skills
10:00 AM – 12:00Pm Lisburn BMX Track

 Saturday 28th of marchSession 2 –Track skills
10:00 AM – 12:00Pm Lisburn BMX Track

Last year’s BMX FUNdamentals was a great success ! you can see the info


Spaces are limited so we would encourage pre registration so we can ensure we have enough equipment

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Medical condition(s) and recommended treatment/actions to be taken if symptoms appear: If you have any concerns about participating in any form of physical activity then please consult your GP before taking part in cycling activities or sessions.


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