Lucy McClintock

Plate Number: 449

2019 Age Class: Girls 7-10

How long have you been “BMXing”: Since May last year

What got you in to the sport: I love cycling and then my daddy found out there was BMX Track & Club about a mile away!

Favourite thing about BMX racing: Seeing all my friends at the track, racing & winning trophies.

Favourite BMX rider:  Noah Kelly (says he was one of the first people she went around the track with lol)

Greatest BMX Achievement or Memory: Favorite memory was sharing my BMX Track cake with my friend’s at the track on my birthday

Any goals for 2019: To compete in my very first National’s BMX Race Season.

Bike details:

  • Frame: DK Sprinter Junior
  • Forks: DK
  • Bars: DK
  • Headset: Elevn
  • Cranks: DK
  • Wheel Rims: Promax
  • Hubs: DK
  • Tyres: PURPLE vee speedsters

James Fulton

Plate Number: 900

2019 Age Class: Male 11-12

How long have you been “BMXing”: I have been racing BMX for just over a year

What got you in to the sport: I went to my dad’s friend Brian’s house and he was talking to us about it, we then went down to the Lisburn BMX Track and once I had a few goes on the track, watched some of the other guys on the track, I instantly loved it and had the best fun

Favourite thing about BMX racing: having fun and competing with my friends on the track

Favourite BMX rider: Kye White

Greatest BMX Achievement or Memory: My greatest achievement was being selected for the DC Race Team

Any goals for 2019: To finish in the top 10 of my age category and to compete in the BMX World Championships in Zolder

Bike details:

  • Frame: Ice Black Pearl
  • Forks: Ice Swat
  • Bars: Oversize Box
  • Headset: Ice Ceramic
  • Cranks: Ice Dragster 170mm
  • Wheel Rims: Staystrong
  • Hubs: Onyx
  • Tyres: Drop the hammer Maxxis